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Synchro Panache

Synchronized skating is an ice skating sport where 8 to 16 skaters perform together as a team. They move as a flowing unit at high speeds over the ice while performing elements, footwork and choreography.

This complex sport originated in 1956, and there are currently about 600 synchro teams in the United States alone.

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Our teams compete locally and at sectional and national USFS and ISI competitions.

Contact us for updated information regarding the synchro season.


Synchro Panache

Do I have to leave my home club in order to join Synchro Panache?

  • No, membership on our teams is open to qualified skaters from any USFS or ISI program in the area. Although membership with the FSC of Minneapolis is required there is no requirement to change your home club or rink affiliation. Many of our skaters belong to other clubs where they continue to practice freestyle, moves, and dance with their individual coaches. (If you would like to keep your home club status at another club, you would just be required to add an associate club membership at FSC of Minneapolis)

What can I expect with practices? Are they consistent?

  • Synchro Panache teams plan the season's practices and competitions at the start of the season (generally in late summer). We strive for consistent practice times in a skater friendly environment. The majority of the practices are at Augsburg University.


Will this affect my singles skating?

  • In a positive way... Yes! Synchronized skating involves fast, powerful stroking, complicated footwork, and precise edge control. As a team skater, you may feel challenged at first. However, keeping up with your teammates will increase your strength and make you a more proficient skater. When you compete as an individual skater, your team experience will help you feel more self-confident as you perform before large audiences and judges.

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