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How to select a coach...

Picking a private instructor for you or your skater is a big (and exciting!) step in the skating journey. It is OK to have questions and it is completely normal to wonder how to make the "right" decision. This decision will look different for each skater and based on different goals and different stages of your skating career. Sometimes a skater has only one coach for their entire skating career, other times it makes sense to change coaches along the way or have a coaching team with different specialties.

Here are a few tips and tricks...

Tips & Tricks for finding the right coach:


  • Are you comfortable talking with the coach, and does rapport come naturally?

  • How does the Coach relate to your skater?

  • Ask for your skater's input on their experience and comfort level with the Coach.


  • What are your skater's goals?

    • Do they want to be a competitive individual skater, on the synchro team, or just skate for fun and recreation?

  • It is important for the Coach to understand the skater's interests.


  • How much time do you want to spend at the rink?

    • Highly competitive skaters may skate up to 6 or 7 days a week.

    • Recreational skaters may skate only 1 or 2 days a week.

    • Synchro practices can be twice a week, a synchro skater must also keep up on their individual skills as well as their synchro commitment.

  • How much time does the coach have available for your skater?

    • If your skater is very motivated and wants to skate all the time, find a coach who has availability for this new skater and their ambitions or consider a coaching team to break up the time needed across a few coaches with different specialties.​

  • There is no exact math for this equation - it will be a balance of all factors and a part of your conversation with your coach and your skater's goals and aspirations.


  • What is your budget?

    • This is a very important topic to discuss with your Coach. Let them know how much you can afford for ice time and private lessons.

  • Coaching fees vary greatly, so discuss them with each Coach under consideration.

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