Learn to Skate

US Figure Skating Learn to Skate Program

Group lessons taught by experienced skating professionals


Learn the basic skills of ice skating. Our professional instructors excel in teaching all ages and abilities. The student to teacher ratio is kept low so that each skater gets the attention they need to advance through the levels and continue learning.

Summer 2022 -  Monday & Thursday Evenings

June 13th - August 11th 

Summer Schedule Snapshot


Summer Learn to Skate Registration 

Open Mon 5/16 - Closes Fri 6/3

Fall 2022  - Mondays Evenings & Saturday Mornings

September 10th - October 29th 

Winter I -  Monday & Thursday Evenings & Saturday Mornings

November 7th - December 22nd

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Contact Learn to Skate Director at learntoskatempls@gmail.com

We offer the US Figure Skating Learn To Skate curriculum. New skaters will be evaluated on the first day of class. Skaters are able to pass tests throughout the session and are encouraged to progress at their own pace.

Skaters who want private lessons or who are interested to competitive or advanced recreational figure skating are encouraged to take lessons with a skating professional. Any of our skating instructors can answer questions and many offer private lessons. See the full list of our professional staff on our Coaches page.

Skaters enrolled in the Learn To Skate program may participate in our annual ice show and are encouraged to try our Summer Skate competition. Many Figure Skating Club of Minneapolis skaters who began with group lessons now participate in competitions.

Learn To Skate Levels

Snowplow Sam 

Snowplow Sam Levels are designed for kids age 6 and younger to learn the basics of skating. Skaters will learn how to fall, get back up again, march across the ice and build the confidence to continue their skating journey. 

Snowplow Sam Level Information

Basic Skills

Basic Skills levels are available to all skaters over the age of 6 who are taking their first steps on the ice. Skaters learn the fundamentals of  ice skating. Basic skills set skaters up for success no matter what ice sport a skater chooses to do. 

Basic Skills Level Information


Learn to Skate USAs's Freeskate program introduces skaters to the beginning elements of figure skating, including progressive skating skills, transitions, spins & Jumps. This where skaters can really decide if they want to choose a competitive path or a more recreational skating path. 

Freeskate Level Information 

Adult Levels

It's never too late to lean how to skate, adults skate too. Learn to skate USA has a program just for adults! It's a great way to stay in shape and improve existing skills and even learn new skills. 

Learn To Skate USA Adult Level Information 


Where to buy skates  
(Limited skate rental available)

Strauss Skates  Maplewood  (651) 770-1344

Westwood Sports  Apple Valley  (952) 431-5590     

Pierce Skate and Ski  Bloomington  (952) 884-1990 


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Additional Learn To Skate Resources

Getting started in figure skating 

What to wear to your skating lesson


Learn how to make the transition to private lessons


Enjoy coloring Snow Plow Sam

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Masks are  no longer required for everyone in the ice arena. We highly encourage wearing a mask to be safe. 


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Spring Contract March 29-May 26

Summer Contract

June 13 - August 11

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50th Annual Robin Lee Midwest Open & Summer Skate

August 5th, 6th, & 7th

St. Louis Park Ice Arena 

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